About 31 Strings


31 Strings is an independent record label & music publishing company dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and promoting extraordinary musical talent from around the globe. Founded in 2016, our label is a beacon for innovative artists who push the boundaries of contemporary music while honoring the rich traditions of their genres.


Our mission is to elevate the voices of unique artists, providing them with the resources and support they need to create authentic, compelling music. We believe in the transformative power of music and strive to connect artists with audiences who appreciate creativity, diversity, and originality.


31 Strings is eclectic in its taste, embracing a wide range of genres including Indian music, folk music, devotional music, hip-hop music, rap, instrumental, and world music. The collection features songs in various languages including Hindi, Punjabi, English, and several other Indian regional languages.


We are proud to represent a roster of artists who are not only exceptional musicians but also visionaries in their own right. From chart-topping bands to emerging solo artists, our talent pool is diverse, ensuring a rich and varied catalog that appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners.


Looking ahead, 31 Strings aims to be at the forefront of the music industry, continually adapting to the ever-changing landscape while maintaining our core values of authenticity, innovation, and excellence. We aspire to be a label where artists thrive and listeners discover music that resonates deeply.

Community & Culture

31 Strings fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment where artists feel valued and inspired. We host regular events, workshops, and retreats to encourage creative exchange and professional growth. Our commitment to social responsibility includes supporting charitable initiatives and promoting sustainability within the music industry.